Ecological Aspects of Aviation

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Ecological Aspects of Aviation

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In the 21st century, ecology has become one of the key elements of the concept of sustainable development of aviation. In this course, attendees will receive an overview of important ecological elements to the development of airports. The focus will be on the two most prominent environmental aspects, and those are aircraft noise and exhaust emissions, though other aspects will also be covered, including: water protection, protection of soil and ground water, managing and optimal use of energy, and the possibility of using renewable energy sources. Each of the aspects will be outlined with reference to the domestic and international regulations, such as the ICAO Annex 16, EU Regulations, EASA documents and other documents regarding these issues. For each aspect, the issues and negative impacts will be outlined, and a series of measures aimed to mitigate those negative impacts presented, with regard to the management level and the level of operative staff participating in all processes within aviation. 



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  • MSc. Igor Štimac, IAP, AvMP - Master of Science in Transport and Traffic with 10 years of work experience in the field of airport operations and middle management. Over the years, he has completed a number of specialist training programmes, including the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP-IAP), ACI Airports Operations Diploma, Stanford-IATA Aviation Management Diploma (AvMP) and IATA-Harvard Leadership & Management Diploma. His work focuses on technical and technological systems in air transport, airport infrastructure and capacities, traffic flows, airline business models, and environmental impact of air transport. Furthermore, he works as Assistant-Lecturer at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Department of Air Transport. He authored more than 20 scientific and professional papers published in Croatia and abroad. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate doctoral programme at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb. 
  • Tomislav Mihetec - Tomislav Mihetec was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1983. He graduated in 2007, on a subject of "Project of the Single European Sky", at the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Science in Zagreb. Throughout the study, he participated in the international exchange in Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) under the auspices of International organization (IAESTE). As a graduate, he received the Rector's Award of the University of Zagreb with the theme entitled "The potential development of air transport in the Croatian context of the European integration". Since 2007, he participates as a Researcher in the scientific project of the Ministry of Science: “Strategic modelling of air traffic development'' at the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Science. From 2007 until 2011, he worked as Assistant – Researcher at the Air Transport Department of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Science. In 2008, he attended scientific and professional specialization in EUROCONTROL CRDS where he studied the influence of regulation and governance on the performance of the ANSPs in Europe. In 2010, he attended professional specialization in EUROCONTROL CND/CoE/AT/AN, where he was engaged in air traffic simulations concerning better utilization of flexible airspace structures. In 2012, he defended his PhD thesis (Utilization of Flexible Airspace Structure in Flight Efficiency Optimization) and obtained Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) title. Dr Mihetec currently holds a scientific title Senior Research Associate and works as external lecturer, Assistant Professor, on the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. Dr Mihetec was enrolled in the IATA - Harvard University (Harvard Business School) Aviation Leadership and Management Programme, where he obtained the Aviation Leadership and Management Diploma in the beginning of 2015. Also, Dr Mihetec has completed a number of specialized courses related to aviation, which among others are: Implementation of the Performance Scheme, Safety Management System in Aviation, ASM & ATFM, Audit Techniques and Practice, Functions of the National Supervisory Authority, Safety Oversight in ATM, etc.  From 2011 until 2014, Dr Mihetec worked in Croatian CAA as an ANS Inspector and as a member of Croatian High Level Airspace Policy Body. During that period, he performed duties of a Chairman (Project Leader) of the Functional Airspace Block Central Europe Performance Working Group. As from 2014 Dr Mihetec works for the Danish consultancy company INTEGRA A/S, performing consultancy services to variety of aviation stakeholders worldwide.
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  • Airport Operational Personnel
  • Airline Operational Personal
  • Aircraft manufacture
  • National regulatory and supervisory authorities
  • Environmental Managers
  • Quality Managers
Upon successful completion of this course participant receives certification from Zagreb Airport Aviation Academy
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2 days
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3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
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  • ZAAA grants a 20% discount on the total course price for the unemployed persons

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  • Lunch everyday during the course

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