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History of Zagreb Airport Ltd.

The company Zagreb Airport Ltd. (ZAL) has operated the Zagreb Airport since its inauguration on April 20th, 1962.

Due to increasing traffic volumes, the infrastructure of Zagreb Airport underwent several stages of expansion with the aim of achieving capacity and service quality in line with international best practices. As a result of development and continuously growing demand for airport services, the existing passenger terminal was no longer able to accommodate the growing market demands.

Due to the fact that the passenger terminal had become insufficient to handle the increased number of passengers in terms of space, a Decision on the Project for the Construction of a New Passenger Terminal (NPT) was adopted in 2009. An international invitation to tender for the architectural design of the NPT was published, followed by a tender for the selection of a concessionaire. The project was envisioned as a concession with the characteristics of a public-private partnership.

The international tender for the concession to build and operate the Zagreb Airport was won by ZAIC Ltd., a consortium composed of distinguished international companies Aeroports de Paris Management (ADPM) and Bouygues Bâtiment International (BBI), later joined by Marguerite Fund, IFC, TAV Airports and Viadukt. ZAIC Ltd. established a new company, Zagreb International Airport Jsc. (ZIA), for the purpose of implementing the project in the Republic of Croatia. The rights and obligations under the Concession Agreement have been transferred to the ZIA, and the new company took over the management of Zagreb Airport for the concession period of 30 years.

Zagreb Airport Ltd. has remained active as a legal entity with an expanded scope of activities, providing professional and technical assistance for the monitoring of the implementation of the Concession Agreement relating to the Construction and Operation of Zagreb Airport to the Government of the Republic of Croatia as the concession grantor.

In view of the fact that Zagreb Airport Ltd. has retained ownership of the existing infrastructure and equipment, the company will continue managing the assets which are not the subject matter of the concession. Furthermore, due to the strategic importance of Zagreb Airport, Zagreb Airport Ltd. has to be prepared to take over the employees and the activity at any moment and to continue providing airport services without interruption in case of termination or expiry of the concession agreement.

The main purpose of the existence and activities of Zagreb Airport Ltd. is to protect the interests of the Republic of Croatia as the concession grantor as well as the interests of the company founders and co-owners.The organizational structure has been adapted to the new role and tasks performed by Zagreb Airport Ltd. under the newly arisen circumstances, and the company now comprises the following organizational units:



Mission and Vision

Zagreb Airport Ltd. Mission

„To maintain the developed management system at a level which enables providing professional and technical help to the Grantor in monitoring of the Concessionaire Contract implementation, as well as the management takeover of the airport and its employees at any time if the Concessionaire Contract has been breached or has expired.“

Zagreb Airport Ltd. Vision 

„To become a significant subject in the development of projects and management system in aviation industry, as well as in other areas, both in Croatia and abroad, with continuous growth of competence and innovation.“

Zagreb Airport Ltd. Strategy