Zagreb Airport working with SESAR to help deliver tomorrow’s aviation

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Zagreb Airport Ltd. hosted a regional roadshow, aimed at raising awareness of the airport community’s activities within the EU’s flagship SESAR programme.

SESAR (Single European Sky Air traffic management Research) is a public-private partnership founded by the European Commission and EUROCONTROL and supported by industry partners from all sides of the air transport sector. Its mandate is to develop the technical and operational solutions to improve airspace efficiency (for example, by shortening air routes) which will help make the Single European Sky a reality.

Fiona McFadden, Advisor to SESAR Joint Undertaking Executive director said: “The airport community is already a structural part of SESAR, through SEAC (a consortium of 6 of Europe’s major hub airports*), but the wider European airport network must become more involved as well. A programme of the ambition and scope of the Single European Sky needs input and support from all sides. As the hosts of aviation on the ground, airports have a significant role to play in the successful implementation of several SESAR concepts. For that reason, it is vital that we create as much linkage as possible, to facilitate communication between the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the airport industry.”

Miroslav Drljača, Ph.D., Zagreb Airport CEO & Tonči Peović, MBA IAP, Governing Board Member of Zagreb Airport said: “We are proud to host today’s SESAR roadshow, as part of our own forward-looking approach to air transport. Development of new ATM concepts is undoubtedly complex and certainly cannot afford to ignore operations on the ground. Safe, efficient air transport is as much about landings and take-offs as it is about actual flight. That’s why ground-based operations are such a important determinant to SESAR concepts”.

The objective of today’s roadshow was to inform airport operators about the latest SESAR developments, but also to enable open dialogue between SESAR JU, airport operators, airlines and Air Navigation Services Providers, in a spirit of cooperation, essential to achieving efficient operations.

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