Government: concession for the Zagreb Airport goes to ZAIC

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 ZAGREB, 29 February 2012 (Hina) - At a meeting held today, the Government decided to award concession for the construction of the new passenger terminal of the Zagreb Airport to French consortium Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).

Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure Zdenko Antešić said that it was a 30-year concession for the construction of a new passenger terminal and management of the existing and new terminals and related infrastructure.

In three years, ZAIC is to build a terminal to accommodate five million passengers a year, with the capital investment in the first phase totalling EUR 236 million, plus EUR 88 million for regular maintenance, and Croatian companies Vijadukt and Zagorje Tehnobeton will be commissioned to carry out most of the works.

The total amount of concession fees over a 30-year period amounts to EUR 1.94 billion, or reduced to today's net value EUR 534 million, said Antešić.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanović said this was in the economic interest of Croatia and Zagreb because the Zagreb Airport is a "decent but small airport" that has not been renewed nor upgraded since 1990.

The air traffic potential of Croatia is the highest in this part of Europe, and I believe the concession model is economically beneficial to us, said Milanović.