All conditions for the realization of construction project of Zagreb Airport NPT - fulfilled

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Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure announced on its web page the news on fulfilment of conditions for realization of Zagreb Airport New Passenger Terminal construction project.

The Grantor of concession, the Republic of Croatia, reached with the Concessionaire, International Zagreb Airport joint stock company, and with the banks that are to ensure the financing of building the Zagreb Airport New Passenger Terminal - the agreement on all important conditions of financing the building of new passenger terminal. Thus are fulfilled the basic preconditions of project realization. We have the pleasure to inform you that the financing will be performed by EIB, the leading European development bank, and two commercial banks.

In accordance with the planned terms, the start of construction works is expected in September 2013. The Concessionaire had already obtained the location permit. The make out of the main project is in its final phase.

The takeover of the management of Zagreb Airport is going to take place after all necessary official agreements for signing of bank contracts have been obtained.