46th ACI Europe Environmental Strategy Committee

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Zagreb Airport was the host of ACI Europe Environmental Strategy Committee from 18th - 19th April 2013, consisting of more than 50 representatives from European airports and associates from air industry whose focus was the improvement of environment protection.

Feasible development of air traffic depends very much on the development of infrastructure necessary for supporting safe and uninterrupted air traffic process. An airport, as one of the key elements in air traffic system, by its own infrastructure development and expansion of capacities directly influences the strengthening of every country’s economy. Every planning and project realization on any airport represents great responsibility for its management in meeting the demands of transport services and simultaneous provision of feasible development and environment protection.

During ACI meeting it was once again confirmed that noise and exhaust are the biggest problems in air traffic as regards environment protection. Although during the last 40 years the aircraft noise has been reduced for 75 %, we still have further objective to reduce it additionally 50 % until 2020.

By analyzing the exhaust produced by air traffic, it can be asserted that air traffic participates with 2 % of exhaust on global level, and 5 % from it are direct emissions from airports.

Special attention is drawn to the following actuality:

  • Proposals for improvements of existing directive regarding noise issue 2002/30/EC and 2002/49/EC
  • Best practice in implementation of measures of emission reduction 
  • Presenting of ecologically acceptable substances for de-icing of aircraft and manoeuvring surfaces 
  • Presentation of SESAR program
  • Presentation of Eurocontrol program for creation of aircraft noise charts

ACI Europe Environmental Strategy Committee started in 2009 a program named Airport Carbon Accreditation, which is based on four levels: defining of existing emissions in airport zone (mapping), constant monitoring and reducing of emissions (reduction), airport effect on reducing of emissions by all airport participants (optimisation), and reducing of other emissions (neutrality). Data of March 2013 show the success and importance of the program: only in four years of the program existence even 71 airports were accredited.

The seriousness of ACI Environmental Strategy Committee is confirmed also in fact that in the Committee actively participated representatives of ACI World and ACI Asia-Pacific organisations.

Meetings of ACI Environmental Strategy Committee are held twice a year, the next being planned for October 2013.